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I have contributed for over 10 years to physics within two international collaborations (ATLAS and the Pierre Auger Observatory)


PhD in Physics (June 2018)

MSc in Physics (March 2014)


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  • Developed a simulation of a Surface Detector and studied its response under various scenarios

  • Developed and maintained a calibration mechanism for the AMIG muon detector



  • "Searches for dark matter with the ATLAS detector" @ EPS-HEP 2021

  • "Flavour-tagging / Jet / Met performance in ATLAS and CMS" @ LHCP 2021

  • "Latest jet cross-section measurements by ATLAS" @ CAP 2020

  • "QCD with jets and photons at ATLAS and CMS" @ Moriond QCD 2019

  • "Search for new phenomena in high-mass final states with a photon and a jet from pp collisions at 13 TeV with the ATLAS detector" @ Corfu 2018

  • "UBA at ATLAS" @ PHENOEXP 2018

  • "ATLAS results on jets and top" @ PDF4LHC 2017

  • "Measurements of the production of prompt photons, jets and vector bosons + jets in pp collisions with the ATLAS detector" @ QCD@LHC 2016

Internal workshops and meetings

Participated in several internal (ATLAS-only) workshops and meetings by organizing and chairing sessions, and giving talks:

  • Hadronic Calibration workshop 2022: Organized 3 sessions

  • ATLAS Collaboration Week October 2022: "SM overview" talk

  • ATLAS Collaboration Week February 2021: "Trigger report (HLT software readiness)" talk

  • ATLAS Collaboration Week February 2020: Chaired a session

  • ExoticsHDBS workshop 2019: "Pile-up residual calibrations for HLT jets for the TLA analysis" talk

  • Trigger workshop 2019: "Pile-up residual calibrations for HLT jets" talk

  • Standard Model workshop 2019: "V+jets analyses at 13 TeV" talk

  • Standard Model workshop 2017: "Summary of recent jet analyses and results" talk

  • Hadronic Calibration workshop 2016: Chaired a session and "MC calibrations" talk

  • Performance & Physics Week April 2015: "JES pre-recommendation status" talk

  • Several talks at ATLAS Weekly meetings


ATLAS International MasterClasses

The ATLAS International Masterclasses are one day-long program for high-school students to provide them hands-on experience in particle physics.

Moderator in 3 video conferences at CERN 

March 2019

The purpose was to interact with up to 5 groups of students (aged 16-19) from different schools around the globe. Each video conference contained:

  • Presentation of the results from the measurement performed by the students using ATLAS data

  • Discussion of the presented results

  • Session of Q&A (questions and answers about particle physics, life at CERN, etc)

  • Fun Quiz

Supervisor during hands-on experience

May 2018 and April 2017

Supervision of high-school students during the hands-on experience in the course of the ATLAS International MasterClasses taking place at University of Buenos Aires.

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