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Software development

Software development

I have 10+ years of experience developing software (C++ and Python) for international research collaborations (ATLAS and Pierre Auger Observatory)

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  • Significant contributions to the xAODAnaHelpers framework (data-processing tool):

    • This tool was successfully used to promptly inspect data from the 2022 ATLAS data-taking operations

  • Responsible for the development and maintenance of a tool used by hundreds of users in the ATLAS Collaboration to apply corrections to the data

  • Significant contributions to the real-time data-driven decision-making software deployed in the 2022 ATLAS data-taking operations:

    • Algorithms, configuration, validation and monitoring

    • Software used to clean the data and to identify patterns in the data

  • Contributed with 87 merged MRs to The ATLAS Experiment's main software repository

  • Software development for deriving calibrations

  • Software development for several data analyses:

    • Data preparations and statistical analyses

    • Continuous integration and testing for early detection of issues and bugs

  • Implementation and deployment of a neural network to improve ATLAS simulations:

    • Improved previous estimation by up to 60%

    • Using NumPy, Pandas and Keras from tensorflow

  • Training and hyperparameter optimization of an attention-based deep learning method:

    • Improved performance by up to 50%

    • Using Docker and Kubernetes (Kubeflow pipelines and Katib)

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  • Development of a simulation of a Surface Detector

  • Implementation of different simulation scenarios for the Surface Detector

Technical skills

Software development:

  • Python for data modeling (Pandas and NumPy), data visualization (Matplotlib and Plotly), automated testing (Pytest) and machine learning and statistical methods (SciPy, statsmodel, Keras from tensorflow, Scikit-learn)

  • C++

  • Git [GitLab and GitHub] and Continuous Integration

  • Docker

  • Kubernetes [Kubeflow]

  • SQL

  • Jupyter notebook



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Project Manager

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Data Scientist



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